LPI paper-based exam in the Czech Republic

LPI Central Europe will hold a paper-based exam in Prague, Czech Republic, on Saturday, October 8th 2016. The exam will take place at the Faculty of Information Technology of Czech Technical University in Prague during the LinuxDays.

LinuxDays (http://www.linuxdays.cz/) is the biggest Czech annual technical open-source and Linux conference, organized by a group of open source enthusiasts representing various major Linux distributions including Debian, Fedora, Gentoo and openSUSE.

Besides of the PBT exam, LPI Central Europe will have an info stand at the conference. You are very much welcome to visit us and meet LPI representative for any questions or guidance!


Saturday, October 8th 2016, two exam sessions: 12 pm and 2pm


The Faculty of Information Technology of Czech Technical University in Prague (FIT ČVUT), in the new building at Thákurova 9, Prague 6 – Dejvice.

At the LinuxDays: http://www.linuxdays.cz/


Required due to limited number of seats: https://lpievent.lpice.eu/


The paper-based exam is offered by LPI at a special, promotional price - the only chance to get LPI exam at nearly half-price!

Exams 101, 102, 201, 202, 300, 303, 304: 90 EUR

Linux Essentials: 60 EUR

The exams have to be paid in cash, only in EUR, on the day of the exam. The candidates will get a valid receipt and if you need an invoice, please send a request after the exam at info(at)lpice.eu


The exam is a written, paper-based exam. The results will be sent by email after around 3-4 weeks. The certificate will be sent by regular mail.

All important details about the paper-based exam are available on www.lpice.eu/cz/zkousky/zkousky-vpapirove-podobe/. We also encourage to watch the slides www.lpice.eu/cz/zkousky/prezentace-jak-probiha-zkouska-vpapirove-podobe/ and a short movie: www.lpice.eu/cz/zkousky/video-jak-probiha-zkouska-vpapirove-podobe/.

Preparation to the exam

All candidates must present a valid ID card with a picture and a valid LPI-ID. To get the LPI-ID please register on: https://cs.lpi.org/caf/Xamman/register.

Before taking the exam it’s highly recommended to read the exam objectives: http://www.lpice.eu/lpi-certification-contents.html and see the list of recommended literature: www.lpice.eu/cz/zkousky/studijni-literatura-a-ostatni-materialy-lpi/.

All exams will be only available in English in their latest edition (2015):

Linux Essentials Version 150C

LPI_101 Version 401C

LPI_102 Version 401C

LPI_201 Version 401C

LPI_202 Version 401C

LPI_300 Version 100C

LPI_303 Version 201C

LPI-304 Version 201C

How to become LPIC Certified

To receive LPIC-1 certification, there are no prerequisites but you have to pass Exams 101 and 102.

receive LPIC-2 certification, you must have an active LPIC-1 certification and you must pass Exams 201 and 202, but the LPIC-1 and LPIC-2 exams may be taken in any order.

To become LPIC-3 certified, a candidate with an active LPIC-2 certification, must pass
at least one of the following specialty exams: 300, 303 or 304.

For more information about the exam and LPI in the Czech Republic please contact Elzbieta Godlewska at elzbieta.godlewska(at)lpice.eu and/or +48 660.705.266

LinuxDays 2016