LinuxDays 2019

5th and 6th October 2019, Prague

Schedule | Video | Photos: Saturday, Sunday

The LinuxDays conference 2019 means two days of talks, workshops, booths of various projects (Fedora, Gentoo, Slax, openSUSE,, Python, Mozilla, brmlab, OpenAlt etc.), electronics ham-shack for children, lots of interesting people and lot of new information. Although the event is primarily held in the Czech language, there will be talks in English as well. The event is free of charge.

Where and when…

This year, the conference is held on 5th and 6th October 2019 in the Czech Technical University campus in Prague district Dejvice, at the Faculty of Information Technologies.



LinuxDays is a Czech open source conference held anually in Prague. It has been established in 2012 as a replacement for abolished conference LinuxExpo. In six years, the LinuxDays became one of the biggest open source events in the country.


The event is organised by the community of Czech linux users and developers. We have organisers of the InstallFest and CryptoFestconference, employess and students of FIT CTU. There are also editors of major linux webzines like We have people from communities around distributions Fedora, Gentoo, openSUSE and Ubuntu. We are a very diverse group of people representing interests of many comunities.

For ourselves…

We are not dependent on the financial support of a commericial subject, therefore we carefully select our partners. Our cooperation simply have to “make sense” for us, regarding the intended purpose, and target audience. We are not being pushed by anyone, we stay open and independent. We are making a community event for the community. From people for people.

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